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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Posted By on Jan 26, 2016

There are many precautions that are specific to trucks in order to prevent accidents from happening. This is because the damage that a truck could do when in an accident is far greater than that of what a regular vehicle is capable of. But a truck is just another vehicle, right? No, a truck far outweighs a regular a car—literally. Where a car can weigh only up to 3,000 to 10,000 pounds, a truck can go all the way up to 80,000 pounds without need of a permit. As it is, there are several things about truck accidents that may not seem like something to worry about if you’re just an ordinary driver.

For example, one of the common causes of truck accidents is actually inexperience—and this is often not a fault of the driver. Trucking companies must exercise caution when hiring their drivers as not just anyone can be allowed to drive something so massive. It requires training and expertise in order to operate a truck and failure to assign someone who knows what they’re doing when driving it could prove to be detrimental on the road.

While this can be difficult to prove, the website of Atlanta truck accident lawyers of Ausband & Dumont also cites that some other common causes of truck accidents are due to driver error or even a mechanical defect. The driver error need not be something so obvious such as running a red light or speeding – which is still dangerous, even with regular vehicles – but if a trucker fails to check on their no-zones or blind spots when turning or changing lanes, this can be dangerous for all vehicles involved on the road.

It is a complicated branch of the law and it is recommended to contact an experienced, legal professional if you or someone you know is facing this kind of situation.

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Reasons for Distracted Driving

Posted By on Nov 24, 2015

A tremendous variety of injuries which happen on the street are due not by choice dangerous behavior or outside circumstances, but by drivers being distracted from the task at hand. Louisville car accident lawyers would mention that driving necessitates visible awareness of the road and surroundings, manual management of the car, and mental concentration on the task of driving, and any activity that detracts from these processes can result in perilous injury.

Studies have shown that as many of 80% of accidents include driver distraction as a significant contributor to the injury, creating diversion the single biggest danger to drivers. The following are the five most common interruptions which remove attention in the task of driving and result in an accident:

  • Utilizing a cell phone
  • Reading
  • Setting on makeup
  • Seeking at an object or event outside of the vehicle and outside of the direction of travel
  • Reaching for a moving object within the vehicle

Cell phone use is by far the most frequent factor that is contributing, with enormous amounts of vehicle mishaps occurring every day due to drivers texting, making calls, or utilizing the increasingly diverse applications that modern cell phones have to provide.

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Auto Accidents

Posted By on Nov 20, 2015

There is a large number of variables which should be assessed in order to know what really caused the injury and who is to blame once a vehicle crash happens. Among the leading reasons for automobile accidents is alcohol. Drunk driving or driving under the influence is classified as a criminal offence, and punishments may be harsh. In spite of punishments for those individuals who have committed this act and the strong advocates, there have been an alarming number of folks who are still committing it.

One of many matters which the government enforces to greatly help lower the incidence of drunk-driving accidents is always to penalize the institution or company that sold the intoxicating drink or alcoholic beverage to the driver. A car accident lawyer in Houston would likely mention that a victim of drinking and driving can make use of the Dram Shop rule, a law used in 38 states which holds business owners who over-serve intoxicating drinks accountable for drunk driving accidents. An establishment or a person might be held liable for the injuries sustained with an automobile crash casualty if:

  • Alcohol was deliberately given to a minor;
  • Intoxicating beverages were consciously given to a clearly drunk motorist; and,
  • The intoxicating drink was the immediate reason for the mishap.

Every drunk-driving victim has the right to file a lawsuit against any institution or person who has supplied the intoxicating drink even though they have certainly understood or were conscious of the state of intoxication. Casualties should provide notice to the organization or man within a time-frame that is given (usually within half a year following the injury); failure to do so may free person or the institution from any obligations or claims. Knowing the guidelines, other important information about the Dram Shop principle along with constraints is imperative to ensure that statements or notices are submitted punctually, because state rules vary.

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