Birth Defects and Zofran

Posted By on Nov 18, 2015

Many maintain it to be the wonder drug, but there is new, current evidence that links Zofran not to be all it’s cracked up to be as it as it can possess some quite serious side results.

Zofran, also known as ondansetron, is a popular anti-nausea drug that is proven to function effectively and quickly. There are some complaints of fatigue, migraines, and constipation (to list a few) as a few of the more common side effects but many will claim that this kind of pain is a tiny price to pay so that you can get some good rest from sickness. Pregnant women also suffer from acute morning sickness in order to alleviate them of vomiting are also often recommended this drug – and that’s where it could get complicated.

There is new evidence that links Zofran, although accepted by the FDA, as the cause of some congenital anomalies such as congenital heart defect or cleft lips and palate, if your fetus is subjected to these medicine throughout the early stages of progression. All these are serious medical issues that often need surgical correction – processes of which most households are unready to shoulder financially, causing additional strain and tension upon everyone concerned.

In case you or someone you knows considers that a birth defect due to Zofran is causing additional difficulties, it is advisable that legal aid is acquired instantly. One of the leading reasons of death via birth defects is heart defects and so these must be exercised with a certain amount of urgency. In order for this particular case displayed and to be treated efficiently, the attorneys you bring in to be involved together with the circumstance should already be comfortable in the specialty of medication along with knowledge in this branch of regulation.

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