Common Causes of Truck Accidents

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There are many precautions that are specific to trucks in order to prevent accidents from happening. This is because the damage that a truck could do when in an accident is far greater than that of what a regular vehicle is capable of. But a truck is just another vehicle, right? No, a truck far outweighs a regular a car—literally. Where a car can weigh only up to 3,000 to 10,000 pounds, a truck can go all the way up to 80,000 pounds without need of a permit. As it is, there are several things about truck accidents that may not seem like something to worry about if you’re just an ordinary driver.

For example, one of the common causes of truck accidents is actually inexperience—and this is often not a fault of the driver. Trucking companies must exercise caution when hiring their drivers as not just anyone can be allowed to drive something so massive. It requires training and expertise in order to operate a truck and failure to assign someone who knows what they’re doing when driving it could prove to be detrimental on the road.

While this can be difficult to prove, the website of Atlanta truck accident lawyers of Ausband & Dumont also cites that some other common causes of truck accidents are due to driver error or even a mechanical defect. The driver error need not be something so obvious such as running a red light or speeding – which is still dangerous, even with regular vehicles – but if a trucker fails to check on their no-zones or blind spots when turning or changing lanes, this can be dangerous for all vehicles involved on the road.

It is a complicated branch of the law and it is recommended to contact an experienced, legal professional if you or someone you know is facing this kind of situation.

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